A Muskegon Original since 1926.

The Evolution of G&L

  • George and Louie opened the first G&L on Western Ave. in downtown Muskegon.

    Fast, hot and delicious food was in high demand during the Great Depression, and G&L knew how to dish it up exactly how the nearby factory workers liked it.
  • Future G&L owner Gust "Charlie" Peliotes

    started his career at G&L at the age of 18, selling chili dogs for five cents a piece.
  • Charlie purchased G&L from original dog-masters George and Louie

    after 18 years of working in the quick-service restaurant. He and his wife Ethel relocate G&L a few doors down on Western Ave. They added french fries to the menu for the first time (what did we ever do without french fries?)
  • G&L introduced the "Greek Special,"

    one of the first combo meals in the quick-service restaurant industry.
  • G&L relocates

    its home location to Jefferson and becomes the only remaining Greek chili dog location in Muskegon
  • Charlie and Ethel retire after 26 years as owners and operators of G&L.

    Bill Dutmer buys G&L and takes over on April 1.
  • The Johnsons, a five-generation Muskegon family bought G&L from Bill.

    The Johnson family had enjoyed the amazing G&L Greek Chili Dog since its initial opening and earnestly brought their business into the family. Charles took over day-to-day operations, and soon opened another Muskegon location.
  • Peter Johnson joined his older brother Charles in the G&L venture.

    He assisted in managing the three operations in Muskegon while focusing on further growth opportunities. G&L's next location opened in 2001 on Sternberg Rd., and would become the prototype for future G&L stores.
  • G&L opened its latest store on the north end of Muskegon,

    incorporating a modern design with refinements in layout and functionality.